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Cleaning out Closets

I was the kid that couldn’t start my homework without cleaning my room.

I’m still that kid.

It’s January, so you’ll find me cleaning out all of my closets,

And all of their closets (much to their dismay).

Deciding what’s important to keep, and what we can live without.

Outgrown shoes, worn out clothes, long ignored toys,

And the bottle of oregano that’s been expired since before the kids were born (no one needs spice that’s lost it’s spice).

I’ve always believed it’s good to the start the new year organized and with a fresh perspective.

Same with my photographs-

A fresh perspective and a long list of goals.

My memories, your memories?

I could never live without them.

They’re not going anywhere.

Tucked away safely on my hard drive, and in my heart.

And once again this year, I’m so grateful that you trusted me to capture them.

Here’s a bit of my look back…

dsc_9157dsc_9001_1dsc_9268dsc_60801DSC_0473dsc_0643dsc_1571dsc_9407dsc_3738dsc_4967dsc_9290dsc_4720dsc_9754dsc_5060dsc_5195dsc_7617dsc_7216dsc_3004dsc_1407dsc_6671dsc_9448DSC_1734.jpgdsc_6599dsc_6895DSC_3441.jpgdsc_9612DSC_9993.jpgDSC_0349.jpgdsc_5742dsc_9515dsc_8069DSC_1051 (2).jpgdsc_2437dsc_0502dsc_2399dsc_8468dsc_6499dsc_7426dsc_6765dsc_6030dsc_7976dsc_8564dsc_0263dsc_7727dsc_8338DSC_7039.jpgDSC_0709 (2)dsc_12261dsc_7161dsc_3216dsc_1458dsc_4599dsc_0665dsc_2374dsc_8087dsc_8258DSC_1384.jpgDSC_5754.jpgdsc_5914dsc_2432DSC_1234.jpgdsc_2431DSC_8593.jpgDSC_6433_1.jpgDSC_9729dsc_9843dsc_6664dsc_31271dsc_6198dsc_1709dsc_3357DSC_7006.jpgdsc_5344DSC_1009.jpgdsc_8980dsc_7349DSC_5129.jpgdsc_7177dsc_1937DSC_6023dsc_6809DSC_1137DSC_0613.jpgDSC_9227.jpgdsc_8690DSC_7711.jpgdsc_3546dsc_0354dsc_7588_2dsc_96461dsc_8655

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  1. LOVE them all! Thanks for posting… and if you ever want to clean out a closet or organize something, give me a call
    ! haha

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