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Jordan {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

Jordan is a senior at Seton High School, and one of my former art students. When I taught her, she was automatically one of my favorite students because ” us redheads need to stick together”, but also she is just a really sweet natured person. Catching up with her to do her senior session, I found out she hasn’t changed. Well, except for the fact that she is now grown up and gorgeous!

I love photographing redheads against an Autumn backdrop. I usually tell my clients dress brightly for outside shots. But with redheads, it really doesn’t matter. They come already equipped with bright color.

Love this.

fall grasses


little tree


But, when she does wear bright color, she looks great too. This is one of my favorites.

coral shirt

stone bench

floral skirt

And another.

 Jordan, it was nice seeing you again.  Enjoy your sneak preview.

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