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Claus For Celebration

It’s that time of the year for my very favorite tradition of all-making our family Christmas Card. Sending our happiest Christmas greetings your way…

And that year, and every year after, she excitedly looked forward to the tradition.

Each year on the first day of December she lovingly unpacked the Santa and Elf suits that she had so carefully folded away in tissue paper the year before.

Just the thought of her children’s faces, smiling back at her from the front of the annual card, brought joy and warmth to her heart.

Of all traditions, this was the one that meant the most to her. As the years passed the cards and fond memories grew, and so alas did her children.

One winter day as she handed the red velvet suit to her son, he said ”Mom, I am too old to dress as Santa Claus for our family card.”

For a moment she thought her ears had deceived her. Then her daughter exclaimed, “Mom, really? An elf?”

Slowly brushing a single tear from her cheek, the woman thought “Has time really passed this quickly?”

Deep inside, she knew it wouldn’t be fair to make them dress as Santa and his Elf.

They were both “too old” and “too cool” for such childish things.

Reluctantly, she told them she would honor their wishes.

No more adorable Red Velvet Santa Suit with real fur trim and crooked gold glasses for him.

No more bell trimmed elf suit with cute candy cane striped socks and sweet pointy plastic ears for her.

Without the children playing Santa and Elf,

Christmas truly wouldn’t be quite the same for them this year-

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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