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For Grandma {Cincinnati Professional Family Photography}

There’s the Chia Pet. A Snuggie is practical and warm. The Fruitcake is always in vogue. But for any Grandma, nothing is going to make her happier than all the people she loves, gathered together, cleaned up and fresh pressed, with a smile on their faces. It seems like the only big challenge for large groups is getting everyone together on the same day. Football, school, girlscouts, and the million other dates on the calendar make it difficult. But this family found a good day, and then my part? It was easy. This was one of the most cooperative groups I have ever shot. And there was barely a blinker in the bunch! We moved our original plan from outdoors to in because of some blustery winds, but then mother natured settled down and later we were able to get some outdoor shots too. Merry Christmas Grandma, you have a great bunch! Enjoy a little sneak preview of your gift. 🙂

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