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School Days {Cincinnati Promotional Photography}

Recently, I spent the day at Saint James in White Oak taking photos to update their website. As a former Catholic School teacher myself, I know the kids enjoyed this. Students love it whenever an guest comes into their classroom. Guest= break from the routine. 🙂 This is my first year not teaching, so it was fun for me to back in the classroom even if it was just a couple hours.  As you can see from the shots, St James is full of smiling enthusiatic (and photogenic) kids.

Where were the cool matching headbands when I was in Catholic School? We were stuck  sporting  pea green cable knit socks. 🙁

st_ james_ music

st james basketball student


Best Part of the day! 😉

Seriously. Will you look at those sweet little faces?

I really enjoyed meeting all of you. (Being in school all day without getting homework is fun!) Have a great rest of the school year!

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