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Thats What Friends Are For {Cincinnati Professional Family Photography}

Its great when your friends double as clients. It comes with its perks. For instance, they look really good in front of the camera. Shaved, showered, great clothes. Me ? Sweatpants, tshirt, and bad hair. They are totally ok with it. Another perk, don’t have to call a babysitter for my little guy. He just stands to the side while they are getting their shots. (Stands to the side playing with their son’s favorite toy causing him to look to the side in approximately seventy five shots. Then wants to be in their family picture, which could leave recipients of the photo slightly confused.) They are totally ok with this too. Thats what friends are for. Thankful for ya! Merry Christmas! 🙂

Here are a couple favs from their quick family session. Quick, because the kids as soon as we were finshed, they were free to play!

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