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Tea Parties and TuTus {Cincinnati Professional Newborn Photography}

I suppose it’s possible that one week old Brooklyn may end up a tomboy, but I just don’t see it happening. She looks simply too precious in frilly little hats.  In a few years, I think she’ll be dressed in a slightly bigger version of  this flowery chapeau. There will be a little white wicker table and three cups of imaginary tea. One for her, one for teddy, and if I had to guess, one for dad (squeezed into an impossibly tiny wicker chair) who will be absolutely wrapped around her finger. And mom will be there too, peeking around the corner, smiling at how wonderful it is. Your little girl will make every day a tea party. 🙂

A favorite. She has the most perfectly shaped lips.

Love this hat on her. Looks like she has long braided buns. It’s her Austrian portrait. 😉

I think this is how I looked at my son for the first six months. Babies are so amazing.

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family, Brooklyn.

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