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Fourth {Cincinnati Professional Newborn Photography}

We’re taught from the beginning to aim for first, second, or third.  And what of fourth?  This little guy came in fourth, and what a wonderful place it’s turned out to be.  By the end of his newborn session I had it figured out. If first is synonymous with receiving a medal, fourth must be destined to be smothered with kisses by those who arrived before him. This little guy is as lucky, as he is sweet. His milk money will always be safe from the lunchroom bully with two protective brothers watching over him. And big sister? She couldn’t love a “dolly” more. 😉 Lucky me as well, there is no happier place to be, than in the middle of the joyful chaos that a big family brings.  And I loved every minute.

a favorite.

She couldn’t be more precious than footie pajama clad. Love her (and she has grown a million inches since her newborn session.)

Deserves every kiss they give him.

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