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See Susan Run {Cincinnati Professional Photography}

There are just under two weeks until the Disney Princess Half Marathon. On February 26, Susan will be at the starting line with her sights set on Cinderella’s castle

She’s got a partner (hubby Mark),

and a built in cheering section. 😉

And because half marathons can be difficult… they have a (somewhat unorthodox) back up plan.

I don’t think she’ll need it. Susan is one of the toughest girls I know. She is also one of the busiest. Her days are spent balancing a career as a writer with raising  four children, while at the same time fighting a battle against Multiple Sclerosis. I’ve known Susan since way back when I was the least coordinated player on her dad’s soccer team, but, it wasn’t until I stumbled upon her blog that I learned that she was diagnosed with M.S. With her quick wit and magnificent sense of humor, Susan blogs about dealing with the disease.

Recently she threw training for a half marathon on top of her enormous pile. I suspect Susan is probably running this marathon to “stick it” to the M.S.. But if you ask her, she’ll either tell you it’s so she can keep on drinking her daily “big ass Pepsi” or so that she can get her picture taken next to the Princess Castle. Kudos to all of you who have heroes that wear capes. This one wears a Tutu, and her sidekick is a buffalo ballerina. 😉  Keeping on running Susan.

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