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A Little Prayer Nudge {Cincinnati Family Photography}

Someone stopped us in the park and asked if I was shooting engagement pictures. Chad and Michelle both laughed and told her that, no, that they had been married for thirteen years. “These are ‘just because” pictures’, they explained. The answer satisfied the passerby, but wasn’t entirely true. True, they have been married for thirteen years, but there was some important information they didn’t share. The “just because” photos are actually for their adoption profile book (a book the adoption agency will show to birth parents) Chad and Michelle are dear friends; I am fortunate to know what wonderful people they are. Both educators, they have shared their knowledge, creativity, time, brilliant sense of humor, contagious laugh, non-stop energy, and above all their love, with countless students. Certainly, it will be a lucky child to call them mom and dad.

If you have ever met someone one whose life has been touched by adoption, then you know what a miracle it can be. But the waiting, praying, and hoping, can at times be heartbreaking and seemingly endless. Sometimes miracles need a little prayer nudge. Someone out there is thinking about the loving choice: Chad and Michelle have endless amounts of love to give. Please send a prayer that these two extraordinary people meet their little blessing soon.

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