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The Shots I Missed {Cincinnati Professional Children’s Photography}

We ran after birds, bubbles, ladybugs, and one another. At some point, we forgot about the big butterfly we were chasing in the first place. It was easy spending time with Johnny and Ella. Endless energy, and endless curls make them perfect little photo subjects. Despite the ridiculous heat, I had the best time capturing their quick smiles and belly laughs as we wandered the park. Unfortunately, my favorite shots of the evening were the ones I missed. Little Ella plopping right down on my lap so she could help take pictures (and she started out shy!) Then at the end, Johnny with a high five and a “See Ya Fred!” (Which, if you follow my blog you’ll know, is not my name!) 😉 Didn’t really have a way to capture these shots, but wish that I did. It would so perfectly capture the sweetness of these two, and the reason I do what I do. Loved every minute.

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