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Love, Laughter, and Chocolate Jimmies {Cincinnati Couples Photography}

My vision of Joanna at the altar marrying Andrew isn’t of an emotional bride wiping tears from her eyes. Instead, I’m sure she’ll be happily laughing the whole time. They both will, they can’t help themselves. It’s always one smiling and the other laughing with these two. They are completely smitten in love. Totally belong together. But, for what it’s worth, watch out Andrew! Mark my words. After watching Joanna at the ice cream stand, I know exactly what’s gonna happen approximately three seconds after you two cut the cake.  My recommendation for the big date? Dark cake, dark tuxedo. 😉 Happy waiting to both of you, I know you are impatiently counting the days until you’ll be laughing together forever. Save the date everyone, it’s going to be so much fun.

engaged couple ice cream shop

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