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Log Sittin’ and Rock Skippin’ {Cincinnati Children’s Photography}

I found these brothers to be so much like my son. As his mother, I am all too familiar with “the manual” that comes with a boy. Particularly, the chapter entitled “Creeks, Streams, and Mud Puddles“. The well worn pages of that chapter impart the following wisdom: “if there is water, he will splash”, “if there is a rock, he will throw”, and most importantly, “if there is mud, he will be covered from ear to foot”. The pages of the book have become dog eared as I’ve searched them desperately for the antidote; the cure for mud, and my son’s magnetic attraction to it. Turns out there isn’t one. He simply can’t help but be a dirt loving, rock skipping, boy. With this in mind, I continue to fill the bathtub each night of summer. Scrubbing his ears, I listen excitedly as he describes his adventures in the big backyard. As for “the manual”, it’s well worn pages are the perfect place to tuck away photos. Safe keeping for these quick fleeting memories of my little boy.

Didn’t even phase him. 🙂

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