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Freezing {Cincinnati Children’s Photography}

It’s end- of- summer hot, and I’m wilting outside. Somehow these little ones still manage to move quickly. They are squeezing in as much Summer they can, before Autumn comes and turns swimming, lady bugs, and bubbles, into puzzles, coloring, and cartoons. Everything is quick about little ones as they try to make the days warm all year: their giggles, their smiles, their glances. With my own children, I struggle to freeze each of these moments in my mind, but it seems that some of them still get forgotten. Lost under piles of laundry, perhaps? Thank goodness for my camera, and the random collection of magnets that I’ve accumulated over the years. They are working hard together to keep my children little , at least on the front of my fridge. Taking pictures my clients, I try to capture  frame-able moments, but am equally honored if they earn a spot in their kitchen. 🙂 Love this gorgeous family and their wonderful,unstoppable, endless summer day energy.

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