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And Then It Hit Me {Cincinnati Baby Photography}

So I watched Maggie laugh and jump her way through family pictures, being silly with dad like any happy little girl does. It wasn’t until later, in the studio, when she was making a fantastic mess out of her birthday cake that it hit me. This happy little girl is, well, a happy little girl. Making the official jump from baby to nearly a liscensed teenager. 😉 Well not quite, but that first birthday really makes it seem like it. Mom, I know Maggie’s first birthday was a big day for you, and I hope I’m not imposing if I have a tear in my eye too. Can’t believe she’s not a newborn anymore, but what an amazing little person your baby has become! Happy Birthday to Maggie the Magnificient! If you like seeing my work, please “like” my facebook page and visit my website 🙂

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