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Autumn Wins {Cincinnati Family Photography}

It seems late Autumn is chilly to everyone but toddler boys. Impossibly they can have bright red noses and pour sweat at the same time. Adults look at the falling leaves and think “Ugh, there is so much to do on this cold day.” A toddler looks at the same falling leaves and ,well, I am not sure they are thinking anything, because they are already busy doing everything. All the “don’t touch” rules that applied to crocuses, tulips, and bird nests simply don’t apply to Autumn. If it’s on the ground it’s fine to touch, throw, crumple, toss, or jump in. The enthusiasm of a leaf tossing little boy can be somewhat contagious, and before it was all over I think this whole family agreed that Autumn is waaay more fun than Spring, and a leaf  better tossed than raked.

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