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Name That Celebrity {Cincinnati Family Photography}

She doesn’t know this, but in my head, Kristen (the mom from this photo session), is played by Lorelai from The Gilmore Girls. Only now Lorelai is currently playing the part of Sarah Braverman on Parenthood. I think Kristen looks like her, and she has the exact the same cool, witty, funky, laid back, awesome personality and mannerisms as both characters on both shows; which arguably are really the same character. I’ve thought this ever since I first met her,which probably explains why I looked confused when Kristen introduced her family to me. I didn’t recognize one of them; not a single character from Gilmore Girls or Parenthood among them. Once everything was sorted out, and I had the opportunity get to know them all, I realized  two things: One, I was right, Kristen really is just as funny as Lorelai and Sarah Braverman. And two, the cast of characters that is her amazing gorgeous family, is way better than Hollywood could ever be.

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