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Picture Perfect {Cincinnati Family Photography}

I kept think this little one was just being shy with me. Not a hint of a smile, at any of my goofiness. About five minutes later, we all very suddenly discovered she had a stomach bug; which inevitably led to a reschedule. Session two was full of “got your nose”, picnic blanket wrestling, and lots of smiles; as they had imagined in the beginning. Picture Perfect.  But our flu shortened min-session still holds a place in my heart. If I could have, I’d have kept shooting. A trail of blankets, children’s clothing, and paper towels from the woods to the car.  I’ve met a lot of parents who would have been frazzled. These two? Not a bit. This family of four is beautiful in the picture perfect moments, but even more beautiful in the trenches of parenthood, dealing gracefully with whatever’s thrown their way.








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