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Catie with a “C” {Cincinnati Senior Photography}

You know how you hear the radio dj, and he’s blonde with blue eyes in your head; and then you see him on the billboard and he’s dark with big browns? Completely different than what you pictured. Seeing Catie, for the first time since she was in fourth grade, was a little like that.  Every phone call, email, and text was a little, freckled nosed, baby faced girl, with big blue eyes, and a giggle that brightened my day. So then, I open my front door, and wow. The blue eyes are still there; but the baby face and the freckle nose, have presto changed themselves into the longest legs in the world, topped off  by a gorgeous face.Yeah, she’s pretty much a model. Same giggle, same sweet girl,but all grown up and beautiful. Gheez, you former students need to quit doing this to me! I’m going to be taking your pictures with a walker and a cane before too long. 😉







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