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Freshman {Cincinnati High School Senior Portraits}

Technically, these are Emily’s senior portraits. But, since she’s starting college in a few weeks, I’m gonna go ahead and promote her to Freshman. Em’s a former art student, and I was pretty darn excited to find out she’s going to be majoring in graphic design. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. What was surprising, however, was that four short years turned a baby faced, plaid skirted, eighth grader into a supermodel. She was always pretty, but gheez. Why didn’t four years of high school make my legs as long as fashion week? 😉 Congratulations Em, you’re gorgeous, sweet, intelligent, and talented. It’ll take you far.



DSC_3706DSC_3704DSC_3715DSC_3741DSC_3749Untitled-1DSC_3763DSC_3772DSC_3775DSC_3789DSC_3877DSC_3839DSC_3867DSC_3901DSC_3886DSC_3906Enjoy seeing my work? “Like” me on Facebook, or visit my website….

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