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No Rain {Cincinnati Pregnancy Photography}

Of course, I spent the whole day with one eye on the clouds, like I always do. Fingers crossed, hoping the skies would hold. Checking the radar, trying to make some sense of the red, yellow, and blue blotches. Eventually realizing, I was looking at Ontario not Ohio (not so hot at maps). Called them. Emailed them. They weren’t concerned. Not a bit. “We can just do them in the rain” Wait, what? Everyone is always looking for sunshine. But for these two, it just didn’t seem to matter: rain, snow, sleet, hail,gale force winds. Not. Phased. After working with them, I understood. Everything they’d ever hoped for was already in the works. So, no matter what the skies brought, for these two, there is no rain.

DSC_6071DSC_6063DSC_6045DSC_6036DSC_6160DSC_6178DSC_6200DSC_6206DSC_6212DSC_6215DSC_6245DSC_6130DSC_6141 Enjoy seeing my work? “Like” me on facebook or visit my website to see more…..

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  1. Julie I not only enjoy the pictures you take but what you write about each one always makes me smile.

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