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No Other Moments {Cincinnati Newborn Photography}

The moment this baby girl made her way into the world, time stopped. If you were listening, you’d still have heard the honk of horns. If you were looking, you’d have still seen late people rushing hastily to their appointments. Chances are the man down the street still walked his little white dog, and the light at the corner still turned from green, to yellow, to red, and back again. But they didn’t notice, they didn’t see. There were no horns, no traffic, no people. Only her sweet little face. No other moments. Only that moment. Only all of the moments since. With her. Full of diaper chaos, bottle bingo, and “we’ve finally met our miracle” amazement. Snuggled tight in her arms she seems small. But she’s big enough to stop everything, except their hearts, which are so very obviously filled with love.


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