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Sweet little Dylan is five weeks new; ancient by newborn photography standards. 😉 Truthfully, babies her age can sometimes be a little tricky in the studio setting. They’re pretty much over the curl up and sleep thing. Usually they’re trying their darndest to wiggle and stretch out of anything they are put in or on. Dylan, however, may have a future in modeling. She showed up ready to snore. Slept right through wardrobe, all the way through hair and makeup, basically counted sheep through most of the shoot. When she did open those heavy lids, it was only long enough for me to catch a few shots of those gorgeous blues. Cutest supermodel ever.

DSC_4934 DSC_4931DSC_4991DSC_5016DSC_5020DSC_4952DSC_4963DSC_4964DSC_4948

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