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Early Bird

Simon couldn’t wait to meet his parents, so he arrived a bit early. Because of a brief hospital stay, he ended up early to Earth, and late to his newborn session. When I found out he was coming home, I immediately made room in my schedule for his session. I didn’t want mom to worry he’d miss out on them.

Everything was going smoothly the night we met, until the power went out. Went out and stayed out. Their baby boy finally had the green light to come home, they drove all the way to my studio, and there we were; staring at each other in disbelief .

My studio lights have backup power, but it was nearly dark. I could barely see in front of me to focus. But thanks to Simon’s dad and his iphone flashlight, we made it work. A little darkness wasn’t going to stop us from getting pictures of the cutest early bird in town.

All that excitement, and I’m pretty sure this sleepy head didn’t even notice. 🙂


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