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We’ve Been Waiting For You For So Long

They’ve realized, these past few days, exactly how many people have been waiting, hoping, and praying for them. My sister and her husband have been in a whirlwind, since the moment they found out their baby was coming. And, I’m fairly sure the rest of the world must have immediately dashed off to Babies-R-Us. They brought their beautiful baby boy home to a porch covered with balloons, cards, and gifts. Word spread quickly that this wonderful couple, who had waited for so long for a miracle,had finally found one. What a beautiful miracle he is! My sister has been dreaming of newborn pictures for years, so I agreed to put her baby boy down just long enough to take these shots. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who prayed for this moment. It was entirely worth the wait.



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    • Thanks so much, Chris. She is soo excited.Heis a good baby too! Thanks also, for always liking and commenting on my posts. 🙂
      Hope you guys are well!

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