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When she scheduled the session, her mom joked that Kendall would be the very last senior at her school to have her pictures taken this year. You know how teenagers are; procrastinators all of them. They’re full of lame excuses like “I was sooo busy becoming valedictorian and winning scholarships, I couldn’t possibly squeeze in senior pictures.” 😉

Full disclosure; Kendall didn’t use this excuse and never would. She is sweet girl, with smiling eyes and a heart of gold; and even though she’s got a lot of smarts in that valedictorian head of hers- boasting isn’t really her style. So I guess that responsibility falls to me, her former art teacher. (Surely, my expert instruction in crayon, watercolor, and clay was a crucial factor in her academic success?) 😉

Kendall’s achievements don’t surprise me in the slightest. She’s been a bright student and a hard worker since grade one. The biggest shock was the blue eyed beauty that showed up for the session. I didn’t think it had been that long since I’d seen Kendall last. Her family and I occasionally bump into one another at the local chili joint. Apparently it’s been a while since my last cheese coney, because there is no trace of the cute little grade school girl left. She’s beautiful, all grown up, smart as a whip, and undoubtedly headed for much success.

Congratulations to a great girl.








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  1. What beautiful pictures, Kendall, but how can you pick the best? they all totally show your inner spirit? You go, girl! Loveya

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