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How He Rolls

I don’t recall breaking a sweat the last time I photographed this handsome boy. Or if I did, it’s only because I keep the studio quite warm for tiny newborns. This time my sweaty brow had nothing to do with the thermostat, and everything to do with a cute little guy, so fast, I swear he has wheels. You’ll hear no complaints from me; chasing cute babies is the best kind of workout. 😉 DSC_1789DSC_1807DSC_1794Untitled-1DSC_1750DSC_1776DSC_1710DSC_1826 DSC_1862DSC_1864DSC_1844 DSC_1843DSC_1837DSC_1916DSC_1912DSC_1947DSC_1964

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  1. Your Aunt Pam sent the last post…he does have strong legs…you go Emmentt

  2. These are precious! Strong legs and gorgeous smile….favors both Jay and Heather