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Rough, Tough, And Ready

I thought chasing toddler clients was doing a fairly good job of keeping me in shape.

Yep, and then I shot this session.

RTR fitness raised the bar just slightly higher than it had been previously set by some speedy two year olds. 😉

I was only “lifting” my camera; but had I been following along with their workout, I definitely would have been feeling it.

RTR fitness stands for “Rough, Tough, and Ready”. It was Grandpa’s motto, and now they’ve made it their own.

They’ve been whipping people into shape for nearly three years. Through boot camps, strength and burn classes, personal and small group training, and online training and motivation, Cincinnati is getting fitter.

They are obviously good at training themselves, but with Master’s degrees in Exercise and Fitness, and AFAA certification, they’ve got the knowledge and experience to whip you into shape too. 🙂

If you’ve been thinking about becoming healthier,check them out here,






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