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Apples everywhere, smelling heavenly. Jackets, boots, and scarves.

Meaghan picked the perfect Autumn afternoon for her senior session, complete with golden sunshine lighting her hair.

It was also the perfect day for pulling up an apple crate and hanging out. Meaghan’s an art old student of mine.  I think we could have easily spent the time, perched on two rickety old crates, catching up with one another.

She’s that kind of girl. Easy laugh, warm smile, and a heart of gold; you could talk to her for hours and think only minutes had gone by.

I would have loved to hear more about how things have been going since we last talked, but I am glad we kept on shooting.

It just seemed fitting that her pictures fell on a day as gorgeous as she is.


DSC_2890DSC_2973 DSC_2883DSC_2871DSC_2982DSC_2996DSC_3009DSC_3020DSC_3039DSC_3049DSC_3061DSC_3058DSC_3075


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