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I’ve driven by and have seen them out, doing just this; evening stroll with their little guy on a Saturday night.

So it seemed only natural to photograph them on their “usual route”.

As we were wrapping up I asked them what they were doing after the session. “This is it” they joked, “Saturday night with a baby”.

I laughed right along with them. A diaper bag and a few bottles later, and it seems we all share the same plans. 😉

Babies have a way of slowing down the pace to, well, a walk.

It’s one of the best things about little ones,really. They arrive and we immediately realize that everything we were in a rush to do, suddenly isn’t very important at all.

We find ourselves walking instead of running; first because we have to, and then because we want to.

I could tell from the smile in their eyes, the way they looked at him, played with him; they knew this too.

They wouldn’t trade a Saturday night with a stroller (and an adorable baby in it), for any other kind.