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The glow of new parents.

A new Mom looking down at the beautiful baby in her arms, with a smile that is bigger than she has ever worn, even on Christmas morning.

A new Dad laughing to himself at the thought of all the tea party invitations he just answered with an enthusiastic “yes”.

My camera strains for light on these grey winter days,

But the images somehow find it.

So much light.

Not coming in from the outside,

But outside from within.


DSC_3558 DSC_3561DSC_3734DSC_3563DSC_3758DSC_3762DSC_3579DSC_3575DSC_3573DSC_3634DSC_3642DSC_3641DSC_3583DSC_3543DSC_3664DSC_3663DSC_3711DSC_3652DSC_3609DSC_3600DSC_3602




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