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Huddy Hearts

You’re probably thinking that I’m a little late for Valentine’s day.

But these aren’t Valentines.

Glitter, ribbons, feathers, pipe cleaners, and giant puddles of white glue.

Those sticky-paste covered little fingers,belonging to his big brother and sister, are making “Huddy Hearts”.

A little construction paper love, for a baby brother, cuter than Cupid himself.

Two open heart surgeries under his belt, and he’s not even old enough to wear a belt.

Some see hearts and think Valentine’s day;

We see hearts and think Hudson;

He’s the brave little guy that’s stolen ours.





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  1. the joy! The love! The chubby cheeks and curls. I love them and these precious images. Makes me so warm inside to see these images after worrying a yr ago if he’d even open his eyes for you. Much much love. Xoxoxoxo times a million. What a special boy.

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