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Bare piggy toes.

She tried the grass, the mulch, the pavement, and the mud.

(She may have even trampled a daffodil or two). 😉

Spring has surely sprung,

And no one is enjoying the outdoors more enthusiastically than sweet little Elina


redhead_babybaby_on_park_benchbaby_dad_park_benchbaby_laughing_touching_dad_nosebaby_walking_steps DSC_6668 DSC_6833mom_swinging_daughterfamily_with_baby_huggingfamily_holding_handsyoung_family_walking_park DSC_7631DSC_6712DSC_6678redheaded baby walking in daffodilsDSC_7640 DSC_7661 DSC_6826DSC_6839DSC_6829

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