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Cherry Blossoms

This year.

This year we got ’em.

My good friend, Kate, has had her heart set on some cherry blossom photos for a while now.

Last year we were all set, and I swear to you it snowed that morning.

So this year we just kept driving by, checking on them weekly.

Stalked those trees.

The moment we saw a hint of a bloom, we threw the kids, the husbands, the camera, the clothes, and the yoga mat in the car and had ourselves a lovely little cherry blossom session.

Little because the sun decided it was only going to shine briefly, and lovely because I was with the best of friends.


DSC_8190DSC_8158family_portrait_cherry_blossomsDSC_8192DSC_8164DSC_8165DSC_8174DSC_8181cherry blossoms yogayoga poselotus hands yogaInterested in a photo session? Visit me at Check out my friend Kate’s Yoga Studio at

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