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Taking Naps and Digging For Worms

Lately it’s been a lot of watching raindrops through the window, which inevitably leads to jumping on the bed and a lazy nap when we’re feelin it. This Summer’s not really been behaving like the kind of Summer we know and love. We’ve played all the outside games inside; tag, hide and seek, even a little scooter riding. Lots of staying indoors. But occasionally, when the sun peeks it’s head out, we grab our galoshes and head for the yard. Mud, worms, and pet frogs make for the best days ever.







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  1. Beautiful photos! Love your capture of the moment. Treasures for years to come! I really love the one of presumably you in the yellow shirt hugging your babes?? What a neat self portrait. How did you take that? Tripod perhaps and what were your settings?? I would love to attempt that for a photo for my husband. Love your posts! Cheers. ~ Stephanie

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