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Paperclips and Pacifiers

The paperclips and the pacifiers are occupying the same space,

It is in that moment that you realize you’ve arrived at a place called parenthood.

Goldfish crackers are spilled like confetti onto the car cushions.

Bubble gum flavored sparkle tooth paste has replaced the cool mint.

Sticky doorknobs- juice? applesauce? gum? (Please not gum again).

Plastic princess cups with spill proof lids have squeezed your stemware right out of the cupboard.

Your space, all of your spaces have grown a little smaller or a little more pink.

You wonder how, when, this happened?

But honestly it doesn’t bother you a bit.

Your home, your car, those doorknobs- all scrapbooks now,

You’re saving every fingerprint, every crumb, and every scrunched up tube of that bubble gummy toothpaste-

Keeping it all because it tells the story of how your baby girl stole your heart.


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