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Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

Sleep when the baby sleeps they say.

But all you can do is sit and watch-

Her tiny chest rise and fall,

Her lashes catch the light as they curl up towards the sky,

Her pink lips suck in and out as if the bottle is still there.

One day soon, you may give in- just rest your eyes a bit as she dozes softly in your arms.

But now for now you’d rather keep them open,

Because being awake with this sweet girl is even more wonderful than a dream.






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  1. Ashley these photos are beautiful. I’m sure you both will have hours of amazement looking upon your sleeping angel. What a blessing 🙂 You are glowing and happiness shows on both your faces.
    Since you know me, I also have to say “WOW” to your interiors…your home looks stunning too!

    God bless you all!

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