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Nearly Forgot

Things have changed from a handful of years ago.

More kiddos, more chaos-

In my mind, my sister’s face looks a little like a text bubble.

And when the phone rings at three ‘o clock, my kids say with certainty “It’s Trish”.

We talk. A lot.

But actually seeing her face lately requires a tricky dance between naps, and a car ride to “Why does she live extra long far?”

So when I showed up at her door, we nearly forgot that I was there to take pictures-

We were so caught up in the excitement of actually being in the same room. Her family, My family.

And when we finally remembered to make the pictures-

Kiddos were laughing, Kiddos were crying,

Toys were scattered about,

Babies were hungry,

Toddlers were tired,

Wet Cheerios were, for some reason,stuck to the back of my pants.

But despite the chaos and craziness, everybody was just happy to be together-

In the pictures, and in person.





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