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Shyam’s Mundan

The first part of Shyam’s birthday was a scenario I’m used to seeing in front of my camera-

An adorable one-year-old surrounded by presents and covered in colorful icing from tip to toe.

But the second half of this afternoon was a completely new experience for me.

After the cake and gifts everyone gathered around Shyam to celebrate a ritual called Mundan- a Hindu head shaving ceremony.

The priest lead everyone in prayer and chanting, blessings of offerings, and finally the haircut.

First the he cut just a small lock of hair with a tiny ornate scissors wrapping it and tying it in a red cloth,

Then Mom and Dad finished up with a razor.

The whole ceremony was full of love, family, tradition, color, and even a few tears from the little guy (it took a few minutes to get for him to get used to the feel of his new short style). 🙂

I always love photographing this family, and am so happy to have been part of this special day…








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