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Meeting Camden


Watched mom breathe bravely through the contractions,

Saw Dad rub her back reassuringly,

Stayed until big sister and big brother ran excitedly into the room.

I show up for most newborn sessions a few days after the baby arrives,

This one started a couple days early.

My heart swells a bit every time I get to photograph a new little baby,

But this time there were tears rolling down my cheeks too.

So grateful to be there for the amazing, joyful moment my friend’s beautiful family grew from four to five.

This time the newborn session is a birth story too…


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  1. Julie, these photos actually brought tears to my eyes – so remarkably beautiful. Big brother and big sister are truly amazing.

  2. Jenna what a beautiful set of amazing pictures! Julie you are so talented! Amazing! I am so happy for you- what a beautiful family!

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