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How Many Days

Two sets of little hands spread their chubby fingers on your swollen belly interrupting the storybook for at least the tenth time with the same question “How many days?”

Twenty days. Fifteen days. Five days.

“How many days, now”?

So much anticipation.

Birthday countdowns take forever when you’re just a little squirt.

Especially when it’s their baby brother’s first birthday,

And they’re having the hardest time understanding when he’s going to be born.

“A day is short, a week is short, a year is long.” You explained it to them the best you could.

But now that he’s arrived, time seems less clear to you.

A week is a short (just like you’ve explained it to his brothers) and yet it seems he’s been here, loved by all of you, forever.












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  1. Beautiful family. Love those boys. We’re hoping to come up there soon so that I can see your new little Cedar. So happy for all of you.


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