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Christmas In 3D

Turns out Santa Claus is a bit of a Science Fiction nut. Who knew?!

There’s the naughty list, the nice list, but all Santa’s favorite movies are on the B list. This year it’s Christmas in 3D.

What better way to wind down from the stress of a long sleigh ride, than by slipping on some red and blue glasses and sharing a tub of popcorn with your favorite elf?

Giant rogue toy robots aside, a pretty relaxing Christmas Evening indeed….

poster.jpgDSC_1458DSC_1453DSC_1448DSC_1399DSC_1403DSC_1410DSC_1442DSC_7812.jpgDSC_1473DSC_1470DSC_1487DSC_7095Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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