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I asked her to meet me in the park for some portraits.

(She’s always been willing to help me out when I’ve needed her.)

I was pretty sure she didn’t suspect the real reason I had both her, and my camera, in front of this beautiful scene.

The real reason?

A very special guy named Nate, realized that his life wouldn’t be complete without Danielle by his side.

He had a very small box,

A very big question,

And a plan.

So I stood there taking pretend pictures,

Until she saw him.

And then it was real.

A scene from a beautiful little story, of love and cherry blossoms.

A man on bent knee.

A ring.

An embrace.

And a “Yes”- without a moment’s hesitation.







2019_duesing_danielle-15172019_duesing_danielle-1535Congratulations to you both. You are so perfect for one another.

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