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Big Blues {Cincinnati Lifestyle Photography}

I had to force myself to take  black and white shots of this little guy. There aren’t many eyes out there in that shade of blue. Every picture he is ever in should be in color and he should wear this shade of blue shirt every day, forever. 🙂

Photographers secret: There is a piece of candy tucked away in that curled up hand.  He is mentally counting the number of shots until he gets to eat it. 🙂

ok. His eyes are just as pretty in black and white.

Can’t you just picture two old men in chairs on either side of him watching all the “goings on” in front of the small town general store?

Spending a couple of hours with kids during a session really gives me the chance to capture different sides of their personality. I love the transition from sullen stare  to a big case of the giggles.  What a smile!….complete with dimples.


Thanks for all the giggles and smiles!

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