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Dave {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

We set out at eight in the morning for Dave’s senior session. He said we could meet “as early as I needed”. There are not many instances in recorded history of high school senior guys saying those words. Most have never even seen eight in the morning on a Saturday. Dave even beat me there, but I had to stop for coffee on the way!

When we talked about it,Dave thought an Urban style shoot would be cool, so we spent a couple hours wandering around the city. Its  so much easier to shoot before most people are awake and wandering around. The bridge is finally finished being painted, so we were able to climb up and get some shots.

I don’t normally post two shots so similar, but I couldn’t decide which was my favorite. I love that the stop sign and his yellow shirt are having a color battle in the first shot,

but the abandoned lot looks so much more abandoned in the black and white shot.  Both my favorites.

 The wind was whipping that tie around like a kite. It took quite a few shots, but we finally got it to behave.  Glad it laid flat, this is another of my favorites.  Great expression. Serious, but there is a softness to his eyes. This captures Dave. He is serious and hardworking, always thinking about his goals for the future; but also lighthearted and fun to be around,  a friend to everyone.

Yellow was the perfect color choice. It was a very overcast grey day, but this shirt was great in every background. It is important to think about which locations work best with a client’s clothing choices. Some colors don’t pop enough, and some patterns comete too much…..but this shirt did it all!  We found the spot with grafitti all over the place. Dave was freezing in his short sleeves- but braved the cold while I took about four million pictures.  Love the pose. Love the shirt.

Dave kept laughing at me because I had to get on a stool to be at his eye level (he’s very tall, and yes I carry one in my car). I nearly fell off the stool  because some pigeons flew out the window of the building next to us and just about scared me to death. See its good that most people are still sleeping when I am standing on a stool in the middle of an alley. Better to look stupid in front of a minimal amount of people, right?

This may be an” almost smile”! Dave, make sure you tell your granndma that I tried to get you to throw some smiles in the mix! 🙂

Very cool.

Altough,serious or smiling he is definitely photogenic.

Thanks for a great session Dave, hope you enjoy your sneak peeks!

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