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Snowy Winter Day {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

 When Susan contacted me about doing her senior session, I was reading her email, while looking out the window at my neighborhood blanketed in snow. Senior Photos in the Snow? Most senior shoots are in warm weather-  I was SO excited.

 We met at a farmhouse that has been in her family for generations. It is the most amazing, beautiful place ever. It reminds so much  of the farm where Andrew Wyeth (one of my favorite painters) painted.

My very favorite shot:

red haired girl with flower

In fact, I kept thinking Susan would have been the perfect subject for one of his paintings. She is such a natural beauty; with delicate features, and beautiful light blue- green eyes. Her personality is very gentle and calm, much like the personality of his paintings.

girl with red hair foliage in background

red haired girl on porch

Susan has big plans on the other end of the paintbrush though…she is headed off to art school after graduation.  Great choice!

leaning against red barn door

Doesn’t look a bit cold does she? I assure you, it was freezing.  Susan is a trooper. She looks fantastic. Meanwhile my toes were numb, and somehow I ended up with my pants completely covered in burrs. I think I will be picking them off with a tweezers until spring. 🙂

 This shot is all about  smiling eyes. Also a favorite.

redhead in a blue dress

red hair girl blowing hair in wind

girl leaning on tree

redhead in pea coat

girl holding flower

girl leaning against barn

girl sitting on snowy log

Like this one alot too. 

flowered shirt snowy field

It was nice meeting you, I really enjoyed the snow filled session. Much luck to you in art school (It is so much fun) 🙂

girl in flowered shirt with red hair

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