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Popsicles {Cincinnati Children’s Photography}

Summer=Popsicles, atleast in my house. Oh, and these brothers  also agree. 😉

My favorite things about this shot? How close they are sitting, and the orange drip running down his arm. Summer popsicles aren’t summer popsicles unless they are melting.

Love his expressions.

Especially this one. Look at those big blue eyes: Its like he knows its the last popsicle in the box.


This is my new boyfriend. He whispered to his mom, “She has a really pretty voice”. Trust me, there is a reason I never sing, but I’m still buying him a box of popsicles!

And if you hadn’t already guessed, he’s the shy one.

You two are the sweetest.  Thanks for sharing your day with me. Enjoy your sneak preview!

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