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Alyssa {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

Somehow Alyssa lives right down the street from me, but I’ve never met her. (I may spend a little too much time working on my editing?) Once I found out we were neighbors it made giving her directions to my house a little easier! During her session we played “the westside game”. You know the game;start talking to a stranger and realize you know atleast fifty  of the same people they know. And then that person isnt a stranger anymore, they’re suddenly like, well, a neighbor! 😉 

Love this. Turns out I have a really photogenic neighbor!

We have had alot of rain lately. Hard to work around it at this point, so we went ahead with Alyssa’s session on a rather gray morning. I’m glad we did because the weather created the most gorgeous greens…perfect with bright orange.

Another favorite.

It was so nice to meet you, Alyssa. I hope you enjoy your last year at Seton! Enjoy your sneak preview. See you around the neighborhood! 🙂

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