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Abbie {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

While I’m on a streak of bad weather, I’m also on a streak of really photogenic models! This is another session where we were working hard to avoid a downpour (it eventually got us!) but this St. Ursula senior is a great model in any weather. She has the best eyes! They are big and expressive and just light up every shot.

Love this one.

I think this is Abbie’s 1940 movie star shot. (But in that case,I guess I probably should have converted it to black and white!)

These shots were taken between giant gusts of wind right before the torrential downpour that sent us running top speed with camera equiptment in tow. I’d do it all over again though for the color and drama of theese shots. Both are my favorites!

I really enjoyed your session Abbie! Many thank to you and your mom for helping me to save my equiptment! Enjoy your sneak peeks. 🙂

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