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Lindsey {Cincinnati High School Senior Photography}

Lindsey was a strong contender for this years “most laidback senior” award. She brought two outfits, was very open to locations, and in general is just easygoing. BUT, I think I caught her laughing at me when a giant acorn  hit me in the head and almost knocked me unconscious, so no award for her! (Come on Lindsey, you’re my niece…you aren’t supposed to laugh when I nearly get killed!)

Actually, this is is the first “post acorn” shot, and its my favorite. Lindsey looks so pretty here , even if she’s smiling at my injury! 🙂 So I guess as far as the acorn goes, I’ll just take one for the team!

Can’t believe you are all grown up and gorgeous, Lindsey!

tree bark

old tree

seton class ring

two trees


This color looks so great with Lindsey’s dark hair and eyes. I’d give anything to be able to wear it. (not really a readhead color though)






Love this too.


You did great Lindsey! Can’t wait to see where you head after Seton. Enjoy your sneak peeks.



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